D and W Snack Shop

Cherokee Street and California (NW corner) circa mid 80s during a time when I rode my bike around the city at night doing photos. The sidewalk remains. In the lower left hand side is a painted silver fire alarm box on a pole. These were originally painted yellow and all were removed in St. Louis due to the amount of false alarms called.


Colin said...

Wow! I like this one

April Lunababy said...

My first job was at a hat shop at California and Cherokee in the mid-1980s. One day my boss wanted me to get her lunch at a lunch counter across the street. All I saw was that place so I went there. It was dirty and nasty and covered in grease and grime inside, but if that is what she wanted... She completely freaked out when I brought it to her. She meant the Woolworth's lunch counter and sent me back out to try again. As she was throwing it away one of my co-workers said they'd eat it and she said they'd get sick with God only knew what if they ate it. So I headed back out and discovered my sister was working at the Woolworth's lunch counter. I guess it was her first day to her first job. She told me later I was her first customer.

Christian Herman said...

My apologies!
I've just learned how to publish comments on my blog. I didn't realize anyone read it, haha.
That is a wonderful story about seeing your sister at Woolworth's.
I recall that hat shop! It had such a beautiful facade. Wasn't Buster Brown's across the street?