Greetings from somewhere outside of Custer, SD

Email from Daryl who climbs and provides rock tours in SD: So this is Lorettas house, the greenhouse, the view of our front yard "mountain", and the big room. Paul and Loretta built this place out of 2x6 scraps from the local saw mill. They brought them in by the pickup truckload for free, and conned all the local climbers into nailing them together with kegs an kegs of nails. It was an 18 year epic build that was just barely finished when Loretta was killed. Pretty wild to live in a place with a cool history and a lot of sweat equity from many many of our friends. Our summer season is starting and it will be 24/7 go time for the next few months with the climbing school, but all and all its a pretty good life around here. Different then St Louis for sure. For one, its a lot colder, and tons less people. Its still all about what you want and the choices you make in life. We had a good friend leave town last fall and Cheryl and I talked about leaving. Sounded all exciting and such to uproot and move on, but neither one of us had any idea where we would go or what we would do...so I don't expect us to leave here any time soon. I'd never have guessed this would be where we would have landed, but here we are in south da fucking 'coda. All photos by Daryl and/or Cheryl.

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