Escape Artist

I like fire escapes!

Knowing this my dear friend, talented artist, and fellow Doors fan, Leslie Caldera sent the below this morning:

Christian, I've been keeping my eye out for fire escapes for you. Here are a few I shot on a walkabout in L.A. this week. The Morrison Hotel is the very same which inspired the title of the Doors 5th album. There were two sets of ladders. Street side was in glorious late afternoon sunlight, but the alley set was behind a big metal gate and hard to get a good angle on, so I went for an artsy look.

Unfortunately the building is vacant, and all signage is removed. Even the window the boys posed in was converted into a separate business entry, and it is boarded and gated now.

The other fire escape is in Long Beach, on my bicycle route to the Metro train I take into the city.

Below the photos is a link to a cool Youtube video telling the story of how that album title and cover photo came about.

Video Link to the Morrison Hotel Cover: https://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#inbox/1381f7c91b5c7fb2

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