My Sidewalk Saga Part 1

Below are photos of the sidewalk in front of the building next door to me. I've been reporting it for over 10 years to CSB. There's literally chunks of concrete missing. Last summer I was astonished to find a city employee in front of my house looking at my perfectly sound sidewalk. He told me there had been a complaint about my sidewalk and that it was going to be replaced. We then had a discussion about an obvious mistake and looked at both sidewalks together. He insisted a slightly raised edge of pavement was due to tree roots from a city tree in front of my house and that the entire sidewalk must be replaced due to a complaint. I explained it was my complaint about the condition of the adjoining sidewalk and someone had made a mistake. He disagreed.


I received a letter asking for a 39.00 payment. I paid and one moth ago the drama ensued.

To be Continued

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