Driving with Darren

My Friday afternoon outing with Darren took us to this corner: Cates and Clarendon in north St. Louis where I spotted the mini turret. Our tour was limited to the area bordered by Goodfellow, Delmar, Page, and Kingshighway.

Across the street from the turret this abandoned four family:
This building baffled me. Someone started to apply white paint on the top right and stopped. The board up wasn't completed. Can you see how the arches and the quoining resonate.

Those bricks are gold.

Darren applauding the gold brick:

The third corner:
We drove on. Look closely at the columns on the front of this house on Raymond Ave. The capitals had blown out and were covered by siding. No shit, check that out! This was the first time I've ever seen blown terra cotta capitals. I'm guessing the very top of the capital was exposed the freezing water and it blew out the seams. See the other photos below that support my theory.
Truly exceptional brickwork on Raymond Ave:
Blown out capital and a view of the armature:
Brick retaining wall on Academy and Raymond:
Fluer-de-lis above the porch:
Take a drive on Shawnmut for some unique Arts and Crafts homes:
Most shallow building award. Check out the lack of depth:

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Joe Cottonwood said...

Holy shit. What a great blog. This is the St. Louis I know and love.