During the Tower Grove South Architecture Walk last spring, Rich invited us to tour the first floor of the house he shares with his wife, Claudia. It's an Arts and Crafts palace on Utah St.

At the time, I didn't take any photos being overwhelmed by its magnificence so I invited myself over for tea.

Rich and Claudia are the curators of this building in Tower Grove Heights, a house that owns them instead of the reverse. They were more interested in restoring the building as opposed to rehabbing. They told me tales of covered stained glass windows -- some had been covered with large mirrors or plaster and one was found in the basement.

Each room has a different theme to the windows: the living room is roses, the dining room peaches and grapes. An upstairs bedroom has two windows with iris and a bathroom has lily pads.

Living room: fireplace, colonnades and stained glass with roses.

Rookwood tiles


Dining room with peaches in the stained glass window.

Lily pads

This painted stain glass with Mermen window is on the landing to the second floor.

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Unknown said...

These glass windows are so lovely we are having one - the iris- commissioned for our home. Thank you very much for posting these...and thanks to you folks for preserving this exquisite home for future generations.