Tower Grove South Block Captain Meeting

Here in TGS we have a well organized group of volunteers: Block Captains. Lead by Andrew Gondzur, who has been a volunteer organizer going on nine years. The steering committee consists of four people: Andrew, Peggy, Liz, and yours truly. We're always interested in new talent.

We meet as a steering committee once a month to jam and as a group on the last Monday of every month.

We've built partnerships with the police, media, our NSO's and have strong planning abilities. We love our neighborhood!

Last night we presented our Green theme meeting with 40 residents present.

Todd and his architect, Paul Breden delivered an exciting discussion of transforming Todd's bungalow in TGS into an energy efficient home. Read more about it here: http://livegreenstlouis.wordpress.com/

Todd (on the right) with Paul Brenden.

Todd's architect, Paul Brenden displaying the model of Todd's home

Terry Winkleman of Home Eco

Terry told us about the products her store is selling and clothing made of hemp and soy means I will be there soon to shop. I've a hat made of hemp and love the durability. The store also sells bamboo and cork flooring, bioplastic trash bags, organic cotton sheets, composters, recycling bins, and other renewable energy products.

BC coordinator, Andrew displayed his electric bike. He has installed a kit that added a rechargeable electric motor to his old bike. With the twist of his handlebar he can go from pedaling to a nice boost of "motorized help."

"I can, go farther and faster than I would if I were just pedaling," he said, which is why Andrew now takes his bike, not his car, to the post office, the library, his children's schools (it has a hitch, the kids ride in a detachable cart), and the grocery store. "Why take 5,000 pounds of car and burn expensive gas to get one thing you forgot at the supermarket? Now I leave my car at home." Its the equivalent to a hybrid car, no idling, both pedaling and electric at your fingertips, literally. It can travel 30-40 MPH.

After the meeting Andrew let a few of us ride the bike. It was SO MUCH fun to ride a bike uphill without pedaling.

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