Oh for crying out loud, did this ordinance really need a graphic?
Whilst driving by I wondered if I really saw what I thought I saw which was an actual item leaving the back door of the dog. I backed up. Yep, there it was exiting the pup and....Oh no you didn't!

I like to imagine the conversation that went on with the person who got this gig:
Boss: We need a graphic to go with this ordinance.
McJob: OK, let me read it...Say what?
(riotous laughter) Are you serious?
Boss: Just do it already.
McJob: Er...how graphic do you want this?
Boss: Do I have to spell it out for you?

State Rep Mike Daus relayed a hilarious story about this sign. He said he was at a meeting where alderman Joe Vollmer said a graphic was needed because dogs can't read.

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