Of course it's not scorched and the dark areas of these bricks were probably caused by pollution but it's late and my creativity at naming bricks at this hour has waned.
Check out the phenomenal dimension to these bricks:

Losing mortar

Because Cena never knows what I'm talking about when I say face brick.
It's on the front of the building and faces the street, see?

Poor terra cotta pyramid details are succumbing to weather erosion.


samizdat said...

I'm only extrapolating here, but I call this effect split-face. If you look at some of the new crappy suburban-style strip(the extant buildings frome the site) malls around town, you'll see the split-face CMU. Needless to say, the CMU does not have the charm of the brick, although that was certainly the intent. The split-face brick was probably "made" on site by the masons and their hands, as opposed to the CMU, which is almost certainly machine-made. It's pretty rare, as you've probably noticed, probably because of the extra time and labor costs associated with manusl fabrication. I sound like a know-it-all, but I really love bricks, and the buildings of which they're made.

Christian said...

...Say what?
you're suggesting these bricks were made on site?

sonrie said...

I don't know anything about brick, but there is a brick factory in Edwardsville, IL that is still in production. Again, not sure of the technical aspects. It is awesome just to see the range of colors they have stacked.