This is what I'm talking about.

This four family is on my block and was rehabbed by the delightful Codd Brothers. (Bill, please note I didn't say Cobb) It retains the original doors (even though they've been painted) but check out that perfect arch! Click on the photo to enlarge and feast your eyes on the fabulous ornamental terra cotta that rides the arch and enjoy the perfectly placed and bolted stars.

I get to look at this daily. Eat your heart out.

What was the builder thinking?

I guess the person who rehabbed the front of this building tried to make it attractive. All I see is hideous colors and effed up doors. For someone as short as I am, I would never be able to see out the peep hole...if there is one.

But check out the wonderful quoin brick corners on the building. Just hold something up to the screen to obscure the porch.

The horror.

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