3460 Oak Hill

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Sam Meller (below) spoke at our Block Captain meeting this evening about redeveloping 3460 Oak Hill. CDA still haven't approved his plans or budget. He's planning six 1,200 sq. feet condo's.

What's it going to take?
Here's someone committed to rehabbing a building that's been empty and slowly falling apart for almost 12 years. Four other developers have either been turned away (see the Codd Brothers debacle) or walked away from the building. CDA is spinning its wheels and drawing out the process; Sam has been trying to get approval from CDA for 1.5 years.

Someone at the meeting asked Sam, What will happen to the building if you don't get it?
Sam: Jennifer said it will be torn down.

Oh, really?
J-FLo has been in office since Spring of 2001 and has had 7.5 years to make this building a priority.
She's up for election in 2008. If uncontested, she'll remain the alderwoman but that doesn't mean the 15th ward residents have to vote for her (just leave that box on the ballot blank).

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