Marti's Frumhoff Memorial Garden

Tilling commences.

Trees go in on Wednesday.

Working the site I met some neighbors on Utah. A young man pulled up on the first day and asked if I was doing community service. When I explained I was a volunteer he told me he wanted to help. His name is Long and he brought his brother Duk along. Eventually Duk corralled members of his soccer team to help.

Joining me a bit later was Don and Jan (both 72) who tilled and carried buckets of soil for hours.

I went back on Sunday and within 15 minutes Long and Duk showed up to dig holes with me while Christopher tilled for hours. Long is 18, Duk is 10.

That afternoon a man named Cyril stopped who also lives on Utah and offered to help. We chatted and within ten minutes he said he wanted to be a block captain for his block.

Hard work digging in the clay but it's been a delightful experience and Long and Duk inspired me.

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