This pissed me off

A few days ago I went by the Marti Frumhoff Memorial Garden site and discovered these truck tracks in the clay:

Added to my annoyance was my talent for falling* which pitched me into a seething fury.

An irrigation system had been installed and as I stepped down into the wet clay which has the tenacity of quicksand to check on the line I slid into the clay stew. The stuff in the photo is the stuff of bricks. This was the day after an intense rain.

Sure enough a truck had taken out one of the sprinkler heads.

I came home and emailed the photo to the city project manager who met me on site today with a herd of other people: The contractor who built the site, The plumber(s) who installed the irrigation and an engineer.

Suddenly, everyone else was PISSED OFF.

Solutions were presented and discussed.

I mentioned I had offers from two neighbors who were willing to help till the site. I was told it's been tilled and had to explain to the herd of people that compost and gypsum must be added to the clay if anything is going to grow. Everyone agreed, boiling moods slowed to a simmer and the herd moved off.

Then I drove to Bayer's in Imperial, MO to pick out five trees.
Beau ran wild in the tree farm and lifted his leg on every trunk. *Bad Tim (after dropping me off after dinner one night) watched me fall down my front steps, roll across the sidewalk and land in the street. After asking if I was OK he said, That was spectacular!


That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

That's clearly a semi-truck--double tires--I thought that trucking company was closed?

When you're ready for perennials I have some to donate--cone flower, black-eyed susan, and more.

Scott Guillot said...

I am not so sure that it was a semi. The gap between the tires would be larger and uniform between the tracks even when making a turn.

More likely, someone cut the corner too close.

Christian said...

Hey Deborah, long time.
The trucking company is closed. It could have been a UPS truck, while on site we saw one make a U turn there.

justme said...

It also could have been a school bus. Those poor children. I think the garden location should have been better planned. Good luck!

Christian said...

I've been anticipating criticism over the garden which is a sincere effort on the part of a few as a memorial to honor Marti. No one else stepped up to help with its design and only a few have offered to help plant it.

BTW, the design is excellent and was created by a city planner and reviewed by engineers.