Top Brick Picks of 2008

Last week I received two emails asking why I haven't been posting.
Winter is when I get my work on and 10 hours a day online is enough.

So here's my top picks of brick for the year and hey, I'll be back on the hunt in early January.

Best of show:

Multi color sand finish

Brain brick

Sand finish brick

Blistering brick with black mortar

Best palette

Wire cut brick in diaper bond

The elusive accordion brick

Honorable Mention for unique color and tidy mortar.

Wire cut brick in situ


Judybec said...

Wonderful textures!
I found your blog by googling twig sculptures-- (I'm working on one with willow)--glad I found you--your blog is so fasinating!

Unknown said...

There is a building at 2706 Louisiana in Tower Grove East that has an unusual color brick. I've never seen another brick like it in the area.