Twin Brick Columns

Located in TGH, stunning half round twin columns. Terra cotta egg and darts and a perfect arch.
I would love to come home to this porch.


rwhendrix said...

Thats is a really fine arch. I really like the radial bricks of the columns too. I to am fasinated with brick arches and other masonary detail work. I am planning to construct my garage of brick and plan to include arches in some for over the doors and windows. Thanks for sharing.

Christian said...

Where in St. Louis are you building the garage?

I'm impressed you're building with brick since frame is less expensive.

Keep me updated, I'm intrigued.

rwhendrix said...

Sure thing. Im up in Indiana near a small town of Cutler. I thought it would last alot longer if it would be made of brick instead of wood frame and siding. My garage that is. Im in no hurry and plan to do it myself with the help of my teenage sons. I want the garage to have a brick railroad civil war era kinda look to it.