Glazed Green bullnose bricks

Located on The Hill:


sonrie said...

I really like the glazed green and white bricks. They are all over the city, but I see them a lot on the Hill, too. The Hill has a really interesting variety in building styles and architectural details...I hope you will post more.

Christian said...

The Hill is crazy. The last time I was there with Bad Tim I swore I wouldn't go back. The architecture is chaotic with no cohesiveness. Now I'm strangely riveted to the fey homes that were built to house the brick laborers on Manchester. I have a friend who is pushing 80. He told me that he used to walk from Kingshighway to Skinker every day as a kid and back then there was a brick oven every 100 feet.

sonrie said...

I especially like to walk the alleys...a lot of surprises there.