One of the unique, cohesive (and now lost) architectural features in our cities were the gold and black numbers above the doors and many still remain. What interesting industry.

When I was a child we visited the family doctor in the Arcade Building downtown. All of the office doors had the same gold lettering and numbers. When office tenants changed, we'd see workers removing the lettering with a blade.

The gold numerals start to disappear west of Kingshighway in the South part of the city.

A means first floor:

Oops: home depot doors with tiny windows and no transoms.


Vanishing STL said...

You can get new replica peel and stick gold numbers that look very much like the old hand panted ones. When we moved into our house a dozen years ago I got new numbers from Hiclay Signs on Locust.

Unknown said...

Actually, "A" means 2nd floor.

My grandparents lived at 4156A Juniata, moved to 4154, then to 4150.