St. Louis Brick Confidential

Photographed at dusk these distinctive bricks exhibit a warm rust color that's framed with a subtle pink mortar. Used on the large scale of a building they serve to soften areas of brickwork and resonate with the landscape. The random addition of iron ore fines serve to rivet focus and create a volatile and active surface.

Contemporary brick can only aspire to mimic the exquisite and uniform construction of these bricks manufactured circa 1900 (if not earlier).

This summer I will begin working on a series of paintings:
St. Louis Brick Confidential.

OK, I admit the above was a mocking nod to Clement Greenberg and his fey gushing over Pollack's work. I still submit that Pollack leaned against a brick building (probably while taking one of his infamous public whizzes) took a close look at the bricks, and thought: HOT DAMN (I know I have).

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