Lesley (or Lesel as I call him) Caldera came in from the West coast to visit the Kansas City with some family members. Since he was five hours from St. Louis he decided to take the train over to visit with me for a day.

I headed down to Union Station to pick him up. I made it back to the train yard when something looked amiss: no trains. Once inside the mall I discovered I was in the wrong place (not the first time) and hightailed it (with my renown driving skills) over to the Amtrak station. Hey, what do I know? The last time I took a train, it left Union Station!

Saw this headline while I lingered at the Amtrak depot:

Changing landscape? That's an understatement.

The Ann Rutledge was running late so I entertained myself by spying on this little building and its fabulous bricks. Very tidy mortar with little pebbles.

That lasted a few moments so I decided to check out the bathroom graffiti but could only snap this photo before I heard the rails singing with the arrival of the Miss Ann Rutledge.

Apparently this is the place to go when in need of a future husband.

The Amtrack station is a step above the Grayhound port.

The Ann Rutledge skidding in.

Lesel debarking:

Lesel at the City Museum where I always take visiting artists.


Rodeo Revival by Bruk Longbottom said...

Hey, did ya know that the Greyhound Station will be goin' thru the new complex as soon as it gets done? One step up from the depot...humph...

Leslie said...

Thanks so much for taking me to City Museum, Christian.
That place is AMAZING!