This is the story of astounding face bricks and 'mortar' out of a tube.

I am an admirer of bricks, especially face bricks. Face brick is the name for the decorative bricks that were used on the front of the house that faces the street. This photo illustrates face brick on the front of the building and regular (I can't bring myself to say 'common') red brick used on the side.

I love face brick! So when I discover a previously undiscovered (to me) brick, it's always exciting.

These are on Morgan Ford Road between Hartford and Connecticut. Cool bricks, huh?

Then there's the hoosier repointing job. That gunk is 'mortar' that can be bought in a tube. It's weird stuff, I've used it before to patch a small burrowed hole in my foundation. It has a fey spongy consistency as it slowly sets. I was pushing small rocks into it the next day and it was pushing back!

The only way to apply the goo is with a finger.
The trick I used is to coat my fingers with dishwashing soap (so the 'mortar' doesn't stick to me).

This was never meant to be used as brick mortar and mortar is not an adhesive.

That's Missy Van Winkle's Hand.

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