Dear Mayor Slay

Almost a year ago, I called in various code violations to CSB on 4251-53 Juniata St

The serious violations are the rotting back porch, missing mortar and the sidewalk.

I've read on Case Net http://stlcin.missouri.org/citydata/newdesign/csb.cfm?handle=15062000380 that the owner is on notice. What does mean?

I know the tenants in this four unit building and like them as neighbors. It's great that the building owner has such wonderful tenants.

It's annoying that my tenants have this view from their two floor porch every day. It's also embarrassing when I'm showing my flat to lease.

I've called in the tuckpointing problem to CSB. An inspector who was doing an occupancy permit on my building last summer also noted and cited the missing mortar. These photos are of the top of the building on the west side.

Those aren't shadows, that's missing mortar!

That top corner brick should be rebedded.

The sidewalk has serious problems. I've read on Case Net that it's on the 50/50 program but can these conditions safely wait that long? I recently bought an eighty pound bag of mortar and it was 9.00 (with tax). What's the hold up?

About four months ago, a new tenant moved in. Didn't the occupancy permit inspector (I assume she visited) note the condition of the porch during that visit? When the inspector visits here, she always views the back of my building.

Considering the building doesn't have any empty units and the rents being collected must total at least 1,600.00, why can't the owner afford to repair the sidewalk?

The back porch saga.

Only one of four handrails is attached to the bottom pole.

Porch deck is rotting.

The paint is peeling all over the first deck and porch divider.

The red arrows show where the downspout have been broken for years. It should drain under the pavement into the sewer line. It rusted through a few years ago, the rain splashes outside of the pipe and has caused the pavement to start sinking. Isn't this a code violation?

The lumber and ladder have been stowed under the rotting porch for a year. I'm guessing when an inspector visits, the owner tells them he's ready to start work any day.

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