Every so often while Tim and I were dining on Grand I'd say, Let's prank Steve!

We both thought this was an excellent idea and would walk (well, I limped) over to SWS's house giggling. Two middle age weirdo's out to prank an unsuspecting serious guy.

The first time was almost funny (for us). We knocked, waited and guffawed. When Rachel opened the door, we asked if we were too early for the dinner party which supposedly had been announced on the TGS group.

The second time was a flop. YIKES!

Steve Wilke-Shapiro, architect, urban planner, community activist and friend of Marti Frumhoff was responsible for creating http://www.15thwardstl.org/ the only blog in the city that covers a ward.

15wardstl.org will continue to provide articles by two TGS/H residents, Mike and Adam.

View from SWS's porch.

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