My friend and former tenant Mo works at Iron Age. She's swell and is one of the smarter and talented women I know. (Iron Age co-owner, Brad Fink worked on my back tattoo 18 years ago. I don't think he was even old enough to drive back then.)

Mo did the tattoo on my arm a few years ago and when we recently chatted she offered to do some more ink for me. I jumped on it since people keep asking me if my forearm tattoo is speakers and I keep telling them to google the Golden Mean. (I joked with Bruk today: I should tell them, yeah, I'm a stripper DJ!)

I drove over to the Loop yesterday, saw Mo and snapped a pix.
She's wrapping the arm of the chair with plastic so I don't bleed all over it.

While she prepared the stencil I overheard a young women telling another artist about the tattoo she wanted to have on her butt, That which does not destroy me makes me stronger. He went off to render the stencil. A few moments later, she sneered my way so I asked her, Why would you have a quote from Neitzche on your body, he was a misogynist.

Who's Neitzche?
The man that wrote that.
What's a massage-ist?
A man that hates women.
That's OK, I hate women too a lot of the time. My boyfriend just dumped me for one!


How do you tolerate this, I asked Mo after climbing into the chair, and have you ever refused to do a tattoo?
She shook her head and said, I refuse to tattoo racist content.
People asked for that!?
All the time.

A few moments later I went outside and saw the Neitzche groupie smoking and sitting in a chair. As I sat down next to her, she deliberately exhaled in my face.

Nice, I told her. Do you realize Hitler institutionalized Nietzsche as a kind of official philosopher. The soldiers in Hitler's army were forced to carry copies of Nietzsche's "Thus Spake Zarathustra" in their knapsacks as they went in to battle.

Put that on your butt and smoke it.
I winked, patted her thigh and exited, stage left.


Stencil applied.

Outline applied:

After (and quite swollen)

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