I give up.

I've spent the last hour on google trying to remember the name of the artist from NYC who has used LED message boards as a medium in the early 90's. Being that it's 4:45 in the morning may have some influence on my hesitant memory.

This particular artist started in the late 70's by placing printed stickers all over NYC phone booths with various messages. One read FATHERS ABUSE POWER.

A prize to the first person who supplies me with her name.

I cherish guerilla art. Earlier last night I was strolling down to Hartford Coffee CO to meet the rest of the Block Captain steering committee and took these photos. I mentioned them to Andrew, he told me it must be the work of his neighbor, Piet (click on the title of this post above). I've just viewed his site, he's a cross between a Furrie and street magician, David Blaine.

Be nice to animals or I will kill you.

Face on sidewalk, 41 Hartford

41 Juniata


7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

I've been noticing those tags on my morning walk. The Hello Kitty is my favorite, but there's more out there. Check the lightpoles on the park side of Arsenal and some of the coal chutes.

tom said...

My guess is that you're thinking of Jenny Holzer.


Christian Herman said...

Yes! Jenny Holzer, thanks! Please claim a pair of earrings from here: http://gems4agarden.blogspot.com/. I know, you're male but they'll make a great present...