A few years ago this mole starting growing and expanding.

I didn't notice since it's located on the southern slope of a breast. The surgeon who yanked the cancer out of the other breast saw it two years ago and freaked. She did a biopsy which came back negative.

I went back to ignoring it until a recent mammogram. She noticed it again and promptly sent me to a Dermatologist. It's been biopsied, I told the new doctor.

She slipped up and said, Sure, but she probably missed the cancer.

Excuse me?
Well, it really does need to be removed as well as the one on your neck.
There's one on my neck?
How could you not notice this?

Sufficiently scolded, I shuffled out to the front desk where I was given a surgery appointment for December 10th.

Some time during the weekend it slammed hard, I called on Monday and demanded an earlier date. November 12.
25 days.

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7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

Yikes! Hang in there :) At least you now have a dr. who's on top of your care.