Jeff Neumann sent a crew of wild men over to install my chimney liner. Their leader was a guy named Hans who shouted encouragement up to the roof from the basement. Since he was working right below where I was working in the front room, I was treated to his various directives.

Girls, lift that liner up, its dropped on my hands!
Hey, don't pee on her basement floor!
This damn thing was made in Canada. I can't read centimeters. Saddle up, we're going on a road trip to Canada!
WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE, stretch that liner!

I decided to step outside and catch some rays...

And to see what the monkeys were doing...


I barely resisted calling him Daddy.

Installation, materils, and mortar time: 1 hour. Cost: 300.00.
Increased insults and new cuss words added to my vocabulary: priceless.

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