3800 Humphrey in Tower Grove South

These speckled bricks have such a low sheen if I hadn't noticed a dull glare as I passed I wouldn't have known they were glazed.
Tragic that the dyed pink mortar is popping out.

This block has some great stone faced buildings:

White dogwood blossoms in front of white stones.

Perma-stone. It's fake and a bad fix.

Third floor windows vary from house to house and one still has leaded panes..

Ouch. Painted limestone.

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GMichaud said...

I love stone fronts also. It will be hard to get someone to duplicate the color of that mortar today. Everything is standard now. It is a matter of alchemy, which I doubt more than a few tuckpointers will attempt.
I also think the first door you show is great, not so much the second one.
I enjoy the detailed looks at St. Louis you provide.