Working the Angle

Along Morgan Ford Rd in Bevo there's three blocks of apartments built on angles but only on the East side of the street. If you live in one of this buildings you would open the front door and your shoulder would be facing the street. Thinking about living in a building on an angle makes me dizzy. It's oddly disruptive and mildly annoying because everything, and I mean everything, is about the rectangle. Even the shape of a brick.

Painters must know this: a square painting is a hard sell because we humans are self referential. We intuitively prefer a rectangular building and inside that building most of our furniture resonates with the shape of our bodies. No one has a square mirror in a square bathroom, it's too challenging of a read. When I open the rectangular door to my pantry I see a series of rectangle boxes.

I once owned a painting that was a circle but it was created by an Inuit Indian and Natives insist on circles. It troubled me and I eventually sold it on ebay.

This is my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Morgan Ford Rd at Neosho:

Nothing like a home depot door to queer up some historic terra cotta.

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