Grill work

Speaking of grill work, I'm getting a tooth implant to go with the rest of the hardware that's been installed in my body during the last few years. I'm trying to persuade my dentist to have the Lab create a fiber optic tooth for me. Gold grills are so dated.

Cherokee street:

Forest Park and Vandeventer:

Cherokee street:

Kingshighway Hills:


ty.ro said...

Re: the Chereoke street grill.

I'm not sure where this asymmetrical arrangement originated, but Frank Lloyd Wright's take on this composition is incredible in his [only?] San Francisco building:

Its an incredible building. The brick detail at the corners blows my mind - I can only imagine it at night with light pouring through.

I had an architecture crush on this building a few years ago, I think its been re-kindled ;)

Google "frank lloyd wright san francisco" for more images.

Christian Herman said...

Thanks for the link to the image. I love the way the open gate resonates with the lattice brick work.

The only FLW building I've seen in person is the Marin Civic Center nestled between the slope of two hills. http://www.architectstoolbox.com/media2/marinciviccenter.jpg

Charlie said...

the building at Forest Park and Vandy has been demolished. Part of Cortex expansion I believe. Sad.