Chimney Breast

This is what happens without a flu liner in the chimney.

Fumes from the furnace escape through the brick and mortar on the chimney breast and the plaster starts to crumble. What made my situation worse was not having a flu cap for many years. Pigeons love to roost above the chimney where it's warm in the winter. They inhale the flumes, pass out, and drop into the flu where they expire.
I know this because my neighbor pulled 15 dead pigeons out of the flu ten years ago.
That's right: 15 dead pigeons!.

I had the liner installed a few years ago. I've been delaying having the chimney breast repaired (use joint compound) because that means painting. I hate painting because I have problems using the perfect value of white. I'm leaning towards a white with a hint of rose at the moment.

My friend and neighbor Gary is repairing the chimney breast (as well as the whole room) and the photo above shows where he's tapped out the old plaster. (Gary is the author of the doughnut report that has been printed here. He's also a stellar Home Healer. Trust me, this is the guy you want to hire)

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