Just received this email:
Hi Christian,
This is Charbel over at Wikio, the number 1 news aggregator and blog-indexing website in Europe, indexing nearly 200,000 English-language sources. I'm contacting you because St. Louis Brick just entered at number 20 in our Architecture and Design rankings, which is one of the new categories created by Wikio for August.

To those who appear in the rankings we offer a badge that displays your blog's position, which is automatically updated each month. You can go to realclimate.org or freakonomics.blogs.nytimes.com to see what it looks like. The rankings themselves are calculated using links that appear in blog posts on other sites towards your blog.

I was momentarily flattered and then immediately worried, something about the honor indicates responsibility. YIKES!

I chase brick and the incidental (yet always fascinating) mortar as a mildly driven obsession. It's a interest which means if it doesn't translate into cash it's usually on the back burner...where it really does simmer.


Andrew R said...

Congratulations. Well Deserved !

Christian Herman said...

I'm mystified as to how they scarp info but not enough to research.