Original traffic calming: Pavers

Hidden beneath the miles of asphalt streets in St. Louis are historic Hydraulic Press pavers. Some streets have never been paved and in TGS there's still a brick street in front of Fanning School and a photo of the street is on this blog.

A few days ago Bad Tim and I grumbled over the grinding on Fairview. Grinding removes asphalt so the street can be freshly asphalted. Never mind the impact to the environment with asphalt* there's a one block Green Alley in the neighborhood (http://www.towergroveheights.com/Meeting%20minutes/Mar%2009.htm) so how about some Green streets?

Don't even get me started over the Grand Streetscape.

Fairview near S Grand:

*Yes, I'm aware that when laterals/sewers collapse it causes problems with brick streets.


Matt M. said...

What's wrong with the Grand streetscape project?

Christian said...

I just like living my nostalgia and take street scape changes personally.

Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

I'm no expert, but surely, when laterals/sewers collapse, they cause problem with any kind of street.

I hate it when a street is grinded to make a new street and the brick is visible below. Sad, sad, sad.