Surface temperatures on S Grand

Two weeks ago I was on S. Grand during my daily visit to the Post Office on the Kill List when I encountered a guy holding a tool that was pointed to the ground.

I discovered he works with The Design Workshop and was taking the temperature of various surfaces.
I gave him my email address and asked him to stay in touch:

Below is a summary of the thermometer readings I
took while walking the corridor last week. I hope this is helpful....
All the best,

Grass 74.9 - 90.0 degrees
Brick 77.5 - 112.6 degrees
Grey Concrete 82.7 - 112.6 degrees
Aggregate Concrete 84.2 - 110.4 degrees
Painted/Colored Concrete 85.7 - 117.0 degrees
Asphalt 88.2 - 122.0 degrees

Brick is the winner!

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