Beau has cooties!

"Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make." -Count Dracula discussing wolves.

Here's poor Beau howling and wearing his Dracula collar:

He was really encouraging me to saddle up and put him back in the car.

That's a soft collar he's wearing, also called a comfort or comfy collar. It's a great alternative to the hard plastic collar given Beau developed a reaction to the plastic. Bumping into the door frame and furniture with the hard collar was frustrating him, I could hear his sighs. So I went to Google, clicked on Shopping and did a search by relevance (lowest price first) where I found this comfort e-collar for 28.00 (shipping included). At Petsmart they're around 40.00 with tax for his size.

Beau has ringworm and it's a beeyatch.
It involves bathing him with medicated shampoo every three days that should be followed by a lime dip which smells like rotten eggs. Since it's cold outside and he's now being bathed inside we've eliminated the lime dip. Pheeeewww (Beau and I agree on this.)

Of course he is contaminating the environment and since it's impossible to see the stuff a relentless cleaning regime is required. Each time he is bathed the bathroom, the gloves I wear, the six towels used to dry him and the shower curtain gets bleached. Every three days.

Every hard surface gets bleached along with my clothing.
Carpets get vacuumed (10 minutes for each carpet and every day) and the bag carried out after one use. The hardwood floors get mopped then washed with Lysol. The couch is currently barricaded and is also vacuumed because he is wily and can leap over the barricade when I'm sleeping.

Ringworm is 'very contagious to all mammals' said his Vet (the amazing and attentive Dr. Wright at the Humane Society of Macklind).

I learned everything I needed to know from a four page hand out from the HS.

My internist incorrectly identified the rash at the base of my neck as ringworm. Dr Wright took a gander and said that I am cootie free. In the interim (it can drag on for years) Beau wears the collar to prevent licking the infection and spreading it on his body.

Beau is progressing well but his servant Renfeild is exhausted from cleaning, bleaching, and doing laundry.

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