The Hill

Tim and I used to dine at Zia's on The Hill until I noticed how anxious I became during the ride. I was completely unhinged by the architecture to the point of worrying about spontaneously combustion.

Tim (who is an architect and my constant companion) tolerated (per usual) my increasingly worrisome rants about the chaos I was perceiving: Ultra Modern storefronts next to homes built in the late 1800s. Permastone added to facades. Bizarro painting of limestone and brick. Venus and Adonis sculptures where mafia meets bling in the front yard. YIKES!

I was usually driving which added to the chaos with my literal knee jerk brake stomping whenever I was freshly appalled.

I eventually insisted we had to dine elsewhere but here's some recent photos through the gloam...or maybe this is how I usually experience The Hill.

Just look at this poor house with an elaborate wall that now suffers from siding. CHAOS!

Triple arch alert!
Seriously, triple arches are repeated throughout our city. I'm starting a file of triple arches photos and will report as soon as I've canvased all neighborhoods. Of course this could take years and I lack direction. Just ask Tim, he's been in the car when I'm driving.

Nothing like protecting a slab of concrete with a chain link fence!

Art deco facade:

One remaining granitoid street:

See? Triple arches everywhere. They're EVERYWHERE I tell you!


Battra13 said...

I think you took a picture of soon to be cousin-in-law's house!!

They live in a shotgun down in the Hill somewheres...

Erich said...

I lived on the for just over a year and it was maddening!! At the same time, it was neat to see so many different styles all mixed up...

Christian Herman said...

May I recommend divorcing that side of The Family?

Christian Herman said...

Exactly: Maddening!
Feel welcome to elaborate.

I'm so relieved my reaction is shared.

Battra13 said...

Yeah...no. :) I think I'll continue w/the weddins. Consider this, they're moving into the City from the county..and considering there's like 700 people in her family...that's gonna tip the tide of the STL City population!

Matt M. said...

Here's some advice for you.

Please, please, please don't visit Pittsburgh. Specifically avoid Lawrenceville and Bloomfield sections. We're talking ROWS of 1850s transitional Italianate buildings covered in Permastone, replete with mod-sized windows.

I admit there it's a special travesty because the buildings are so historic yet lose some of their context when the whole neighborhood is clad over.

Yet, there's another part of me that appreciates the visual diversity and realizes it's likely temporary. If these neighborhoods ever "gentrify", most of the original look will be restored, even if it has to be replaced.

Take comfort in that.

Chris said...

Better than abandoned and demolished like much of the North Side.

Christian Herman said...

Thanks Matt!
I will avoid Pittsburg and I do take comfort in your advice.

13: For some reason I thought your profile pix was a howling dog. I really need a new eyeglass prescription but my insurance won't pay for a visit for another three months.
In the interim, clear the roads. My policy is Drive Fast and Get There First.

Battra13 said...

Howling dog??? I think I've been insulted. ;)

That's a #4 on the back..biggify it, and you'll see.

Christian Herman said...

13: I lost you comment about insulting you about the howling dog. I really have visual problems. Like the batman symbol? I always see it as teeth. I hope that makes sense.

Battra13 said...

No, I was kidding. :)

sonrie said...

love this neighborhood!

Justin said...

Some of your examples should have never been allowed, but much of it is just the way things are. I think the Hill could use stricter "rules" but ya gotta give people come leeway.