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I have to go back.
I missed doing photos of the stained pink pointing on this exquisite building. It's critical because the emphasis is on the phenomenaland v aried brickwork and the terra cotta relief. The objective was no visible mortar hence the staining and using rubbed brickwork wasn't an option. Marble steps and limestone foundation.

Sunflowers in a vase surrounded by egg and dart:

Radial, bull nose, pyramid, and were those edges rubbed off?

The owner kindly talked to me about his building which was built in 1895 and is
located on 39 Iowa. Thanks Tom!


Battra13 said...

I really love the ornate architecture from years past. My fiancee's family lives in a 130 year old Victorian house that's over 90% original...no matter how many times I go into their house...it just wows me.

Even in the smaller 'tornado houses' as I call them, the ones that were built after the tornado of 1895(?) have some very ornate touches. On a small shotgun house near Arsenal, there are Fleur de Lis in the brick work...just amazing.

Unknown said...

Fascinating post - thanks for sharing the photos of this amazing building.

Christian Herman said...

Hey 13! I know that building with the fleurs, it's on the north side of Arsenal just off Grand? It's on this blog (somewhere).

That NE corner of Arsenal and Grand had a series of commercial buildings in the 60s. One store was L shaped and had an entrance on both streets. It 'wrapped' around the diner on the corner...I think it was Kingsway.

Peggi: You have to visit that building. It dominates the block with its scale and presents with an extensive visual lesson in terra cotta.

I would love to find some of those old molds. I hope Larry Giles has some in his collection.

Battra13 said...

Yup! That's the one! I figured you'd been in that area, what with being in the T-G-S and all...I'll only admit to Grand South Grand in public. ;)

Been back in my neighborhood for a year now...after moving out of it in 1998.... So good to be home.

My ex-wife was an expatriot from Charlie-Town..and was ascurred of the City...so we moved to Crestwood...then to Affton...my current fiancee and I are fiercely proud city residents...as is WELL documented on my blog.