Mid Century Hell - for Andrew Raimist

I've never been a huge fan of Modern Architecture with it's factory appearance, chronic box references, and reflective glass windows. It's not boring, it just lacks the warmth and wonder of a Craftsmen Bungalow.

Just east of Hampton there's a huge cluster of the stuff. Take a drive along Elisabeth, 59th St. and January. Most of these buildings are union halls and related businesses. Check out the parking lot to building ratio along your tour.

I do enjoy that the Weinhardt building has a matching sidewalk.

Along the tour I spotted this massive retaining wall and two BBQ constructions of some killer bricks in back yards:

While I dislike the 'style' of architecture there's some elements I love like these brushed aluminum railings:

Sure, slap some tiles on the brick wall to jazz it up.

Cool decorative copper. I'm astonished it hasn't been pulled off the building.


Battra13 said...

I know precisely what you mean. There's a stretch of houses down Compton Ave that I drive past everyday on my way to work...I look at them...and just think...

Why is St. Charles in South City?

Christian Herman said...

Hey 13, what's the image by your name?

Battra13 said...

Christian, that's a picture of me from behind in one of my many game worn hockey jerseys. That pic was taken the moment my lady bought that one for me.

Andrew R said...

Thank you Christian for honoring me with a blog post! I have some misgivings about many works of modernist architecture.

There certainly are examples with truly compelling brickwork, surfaces, textures and patterns. Others are mostly just boxes meant to be seen from a distance driving across town in your car. Once you get close to them you're disappointed.

One of the most complex modernist facades is in the former Meatcutter's Medical Clinic at 4488 Forest Park Boulevard.

Probably my favorite masonry facade is the DeBaliviere Building (at the corner with Delmar). It's modern in some respects and old fashioned in others. Some of the brickwork is just astounding.