When I was but a wee lass, I listened as my grandfather talked abut a car elevator he saw while visiting Chicago. Its function was to make use of a small space to provide parking. It was difficult to visualize.

Recently I came across this photo in a book. In the lower right hand is a Burt's shoe store.
More on that later.

Do car elevators still exist?
I went to Google images and found this on an upscale NYC urban planning blog.

And in Japan where space is at a premium, why waste space with a ramp when a turn table will suffice?

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Chris said...

When I was staying at a hotel in downtown London, an employee said the guy next door was installing an elevator in his mansion so that his entire basement could be a garage.

Also, two story car lifts are still common in New York City. These allow two cars to be parked one on top of each other.