How I met Jen.

It started with taking Beau to the Mann school yard at night to let him run. Jen lives across from the school with her pup Peanut. Peanut would hear Beau playing and would bark and wave to us. Eventually Jen came down and Beau and Peanut fell in love.

Sometimes I drop things off at her door: a blanket, some gloves, a scarf and I get to walk this fascinating gangway.

This does not apply to me.

Old elevator loading gates and a drain.

Jen's gangway garden.

Iron grill over window.

Nails in the rotting wood....that'll keep them out.

Interesting place for shutters.

The shutter hinges rock!

Beau and Peanut making out. It's constant, they're in love.

Jen and Peanut come to visit.

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