There's never anything decent in the thrift stores in STL so once a week I high tail it over to the nether parts of IL where I can avoid the other dealers and pickers.

Scored last week - this signed Raymor box which unfortunately has a chip on the corner. DAMN. In mint condition it would sell for 150-200 clams on Ebay.

I paid 69 cents for it.

At first glance from six feet away I thought, Oh good, a box for Bruk!
Second glance from three feet, Vintage Italian!
Then I turned it over and saw the signature. Whoopee! Even with the chip it should sell.

I also found two framed prints by Jessie Arms Butke of cockatoo's and hibiscus. Too bad it wasn't an original canvas, I could retire.

I may have to keep them.

And this fabulous piece of prison art made of matchsticks (of course).

And a hefty piece of Scheurich pottery.

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