Photos of my old store RE:GENERATION

I was going through some old files today and found these photos of my store. It was located at 3196 S. Grand next to the post office on Wyoming.

I opened it in 1998 and was there business for 3.5 years. One year into I started selling on eBay. I was making more money on eBay in a day than the store was producing in a week. I had a three year lease and dreamed of the day I could close and work out of my home. No overhead, no special tax license, employee, etc.

The name of the store referenced recycling (or upcycling as I prefer to call it) and was a place where I could display and sell a lot of what I was making at the time.

I've never missed owning a retail store.
I did met Chris (The Red Diamond).

That's one of my paintings in the background and I made the feathered Go-Go girl dresses towards the bottom left of the photo.

That's Chris on the left hand side wearing a vintage sterling silver mesh bracelet that I gave him when we were going steady.

Check out those dressing rooms! I miss them.

I made those white furry pants that guy is wearig.

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